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The Fundamentals of Swimming:
Entry and Exit
Rhythmic Breathing
Flutter kick
Prone glide and recover
Prone glide with kick
Freestyle arm motion with flutter kick
Freestyle with rhythmic breathing
Buoyancy check

Supine float and recover
Supine glide with kick
Treading water
Supine sculling with flutter kick
Elementary back with flutter kick
Supine with whip kick
Elementary back stroke
Windmill backstroke

Advanced Swimming:
Starts and Turns

This level is perfect for the swimmer who is interested in improving their swimming style while getting fit. Swimmers should have some confidence in all of the 4 major strokes and be able to swim a minimum of 500 meters. Instruction and correction will be provided during training.

Adult Training:
This level is for strong confident swimmers who are interested in fine tuning their strokes. Swimmers should expect to swim 2000 meters or more.